Ready for change. Ready for a new ‘normal’. Ready for our new world.

Today’s young people are facing unprecedented challenge and change. The effects of COVID-19 have been sudden and will be felt far and wide for many years to come; not only affecting their lives now, but impacting fundamentally the world they will inherit.

As we start to navigate a new ‘normal’, new challenges will emerge: mass unemployment, stretched social services, impacted mental health, increased poverty, reduced social inclusion; no corner of our world is left unaffected.

But with challenge, comes opportunity. With change, comes the potential for a brighter future.

Today’s young people are strong, inspired and dedicated.

They can –and will –grow new opportunity from our current challenges.

However not since the middle of the last century has there been such a need to provide support, as they develop the skills and characteristics required to navigate their way through these changes and adapt to the new ‘normal’. Characteristics such as resilience, adaptability, leadership and problem-solving.

The Award was established in 1956 in response to challenges that young people were experiencing, growing up in the decade following the Second World War. Now, the world is undergoing another transformation. With more than 60 years’ experience helping young people to be ready for the world, The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is more relevant than ever –and ready to help.

Young people are not only rising to the challenge, but also leading the way. We owe it to them to ensure they have what they need for the future. To benefit from great non-formal education and learning. To be #WORLDREADY.