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Open Award Centre

What is an Open Award Centre (OAC)? 

An OAC is an Award Centre without membership restrictions. It is a way for Participants to complete their Award when the Award is not offered at their school, university or local organisation. Some young people do not have access to organisations which deliver the Award, but the OAC can bring the Duke of Ed to you! It is also a useful way for participants to transfer their Award registration when leaving their school/club and are keen to complete their Award.


Find your Local Open Award Centre

Each state or territory has Open Award Centres dedicated to running your Open Award – see list below.

If you wish to discuss doing the Award through an Open Award Centre before registering your interest online please contact your local state or territory office first.

Operating Authority Award  Centre
Australian Capital Territory  

Youth Advance Award Centre

Outward Bound (State wide)


National Award Operator (NAO) National Virtual Award Centre is only for current Participants who need to complete their Award
New South Wales








Youth Advance Award Centre 

Youth Advance Award Centre

Outward Bound (State wide)

Western Student Connections (Far West, Central West and Orana regions only)



Northern Territory


Open Award Centre NT

Queensland Open Award Centre QLD

South Australia


Run by Youth Advance




Open Award Centre Tas




Outward Bound (State wide)


Western Australia


Western Australia Open Award Centre


Registering for the Award for the first time, through an Open Award Centre

new registration


  1. Go to
  2. on the right hand of the screeen, under ‘Not Registered,’ select Award Participant
  3. Select your ‘Country’ as Australia: Under
  4. Under ‘Operating Authority’ select from the list above the orgainsation which runs the Open Award in your area.
  5. Complete the participant registration form and submit with payment if appropriate.
  6. Once your application has been reviewed and accepted by the relevant OAC Award Leader, you may begin your Award.



Transferring to an Open Award Centre from a licensed Award Centre where you first signed up

If you are already registered with an Award Centre but no longer are a pupil/member at that Award Centre you will need to contact your State/Territory office to arrange transfer to an Open Award Centre.

Your Award 

There is a massive choice of activities that count towards your Award. Participants can select practically any activity they wish, as long as it is legal and morally acceptable. It could be something you are already involved in or something completely new to you.

Make sure your Award Leader approves your activity choices for your section before you start.

Before starting each section be sure that your Assessor is aware that you are doing your Duke of Ed Award, and that they are willing to supply an Assessor’s Report at the end of your section. Please ensure that you put details (e.g. name, email and contact number) of your Assessor on your ORB account when you are adding information about your chosen section, as your Award Leader may occasionally need to get in contact with your Assessor.


Uploading Evidence

You should collect evidence of what you did throughout your Award, as this demonstrates your regular participation in each section. You can record evidence and get it approved by your Award Leader through your ORB.

Make sure you upload evidence and always upload an Assessor’s Report for each section. In addition, make sure your Assessor writes your report so that it is personal to you. The Assessor’s feedback needs to reflect your personal journey and a demonstration of what you have accomplished independently and as a team member on your expedition.

To help yourself along the way we recommend for most sessions of your activity, you collect a variety of evidence such as photos, videos, audios, certificates, and upload a report.

If your Award Leader has concerns with the submitted evidence they will contact you and tell you what is required so that your section can be approved.


Keeping in touch

Your Open Award Centre – Award Leader is there to support you throughout the process, but you can also contact the ORB Helpdesk for any issues you may be having on the ORB. You can also contact your Award Leader if you’re feeling demotivated and talk through to work out what might help you.



Once you have completed your Bronze or Silver Award and it has been approved and signed off, you will be mailed a certificate, congratulations letter and a badge to celebrate your achievement.

If you have completed your Gold Award, you will receive your congratulations letter and badge in the post, and you will be invited to a Gold Award Presentation where you will receive your certificate. This is an amazing day where you have the opportunity to meet guest speakers and learn of their experiences. This is a great occasion to meet other participants who have endeavoured through the great Gold journey just as you have.