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The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Australia is committed to equipping, engaging and empowering young people to find their purpose, passion and place in the world.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Australia affirms the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations 

We believe in safeguarding people from harm – particularly children and vulnerable adults. This includes promoting and embedding the safety, welfare and wellbeing of children and young people.

We express this commitment through our comprehensive child protection and volunteer management policies and procedures. This includes our Volunteer Code of Conduct, which outlines the standard of behaviour we require from Award Volunteers.

We have an ongoing commitment towards continual review and incorporating new learning, including the benefit of best practice being part of an international organisation operating in 130 countries.

For information on the International Award Foundation’s Safeguarding Policy please click here.


The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Australia is the National Award Operator in Australia, licensed by the International Award Foundation to deliver the Award. We license Award Operating Authorities who in turn license organisations that deliver youth services as Award Centres. This licence requires organisations have policies and procedures to safeguard young people.

When young people decide to participate in the Award, they register with an Award Centre as an Award Participant. As part of their Award, young people may undertake activities through activity providers, or organisations, not licensed by The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Australia or its Award Operating Authorities. The Award Centre is responsible for ensuring these activity providers uphold safeguarding policies and procedures of both its organisation and the Award. Award Centres and activity providers are responsible for obtaining the consent of parents, carers and guardians where Award Participants are under 18 years old.


More information, advice and access to support services is widely available. The Australian Government maintains a list of support services and groups available nationally and specific to each state and territory.

For 24 Hour telephone assistance please call: Lifeline 13 11 14


The following links enable you to readily access key policy, Quality Assurance and code of conduct documents, that can be found in our Governance Policy Manual:

Policy 1.10 Risk Management   

Policy 1.15 Health & Safety  

Policy 1.16 Volunteer Protection 

Policy 1.17 Antidiscrimination & Harassment  

Policy 3.1 Role & Responsibilities of an Award Operating Authority and a National Award Centre 

Policy 3.6 Volunteer Roles  

Policy 3.8 Award Operating Authority and Award Centre Licences   

Policy 3.9 National Licence Monitoring & QA 

Policy 3.11 Drugs, Alcohol & Tobacco 

Policy 3.12 Protection of Children & Young Pople  

Policy 4.3 Accidents & Safety Incidents  

Policy 4.10 Adventurous Journey Requirements, Guides & Policies  

Policy 4.13 Volunteer Code of Conduct